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The movie about a bot

Here is one of the short films that will be present on the festival. It’s about a bot that behaves like a human on Instagram.

Instagram as a social networking platform is a huge buzz. Image sharing, video sharing, live stories, geography, tags, multiple photo messages, Although an Instagram follower robot may sound like the perfect solution at the time, but deep down you know that this is too bad for you!

For Instagram bots, this is exactly what you need to worry about.Most Instagram follower bot do not have access to the Instagram APIs (allowing connections, such as later, to interact with Instagram applications).

As stated in the Instagram Terms of Use, this is a severe violation: For security reasons, you cannot access Instagram’s Instagram-enabled APIs. Instagram API is governed by a unique set of terms.Instagram bonuses violate the following API terms:

1. Never store or upload your login credentials on Instagram to keep your account secure.

2. Never use there API to display only user content, import or secure contents, or managed Instagram relationships without prior permission.

3. Make sure you comment uniquely to everyone, this is not good when implemented by followers bot.

4. Do not allow companies to perform multiple actions on Instagram anytime and anywhere.

5. Do different things to the community without using Instagram followers bot to copy or replace Instagram user functionality. If a target market is identified, you should search for tags for topics related to your community, and you can see the content that makes you write a review or even focus on your account.

There you continue to pop up these specific accounts in your feed, where you can go to the people behind your account. You like their photos, you read their names, you can even click on the links in your resume and read their blog posts. Although this can be considered “laborious”, but not a waste of time, it gives you the opportunity to automate the understanding of your audience / potential customers.

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